“Hello world I am your new friend, can you please tell me where my parents are? I have listened to them since 9 months. I have waited all along this way to meet them without procrastination. I know they have bought me the toddler rags, baby little tops, shirts, floral dresses. oh God! I can not wait further, I want to meet my new friends I want to put all these elegant dresses. Dear world I know I m very little but I am your junior friend. I want to explore you, oh God! I love to wear clothes though I am new here but I am much affectionate and would love to show you my flower printed shirt. Can we be friends? Dear world?. I can give you chocolates, would you manage me to eat and wear”.

Let us help this beautiful star to make his/her day the delight one. Choose the best choose the quality, its all in your hand.

You satisfied, we satisfied.

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