Everything You Need to Know About Polka Dot Design | Wearable Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Polka Dot | Best Guide 2021

Dress up and show up— You must have heard it before but to do that you have to make a little more progress toward that and add a design to your and your tiny one outfit!

Speak up your language with your design and be more confident try some polka dots.

Polka Dot Designs: Let’s Wear Colors

Everyone loves polka dot design because of the same asymmetry in it, and it is the classic design in Fashion designing. Polka dots have been used for a long time in the designing industry and clothing, and they have never been out of trend.

Polka dot consists of equally distributed filled circles in equal distance all over the design. A dot has always been the motif element in the design, but polka dots are some advanced terms with the symmetry of designing, making it more satisfying.

Polka dot is a versatile design that is used in a variety of options. It can be bold, and it can be simple and cute at the same time.

History of Polka Dot Design

The word polka derives from the Czech word pulka, which means “small step,” and alludes to the polka dance, which was very popular in Europe and America during the nineteenth century.

When we look forward towards the trend, the term polka was used in a wide range of products, many of which were adorned with a splatter of beautiful and happy dots, possibly indicating small steps? Godey’s Lady’s Book, the most prominent American fashion magazine at the time, used the name Polka Dot, and the rest is history.

Appearance in Industry

Polka dot design had not professionally appeared in the industry until there were machines that spaced these dots in the same size; equally, Irregular dots have not been liked by people, and it was assumed as some disease like measles in kids.

Afterward, when machines were able to space them properly in equal sizes its got a huge reputation, and these were used in many designs.

Polka Dot for Baby Girls

Every design is not meant for everyone, and Similarly, while designing a dress for a baby girl, a small design is always considered. You should never go with huge designs or big flowers for baby as it does not fit them.

Polka dot is a classic design, and it can be the best design for a baby girl due to following reasons:

  • Small polka dots fit on the baby girl dress well.
  • polka dots shows the symbol of cuteness and calmness
  • Its never been heavy for baby girls
  • Colorful polka dots makes the dress more joyful
  • it is considered as the cheerful pattern

How to Choose Polka Dot Design for a Baby Girl

You have to consider certain things in mind before choosing a polka dot design for baby girls. Let’s have those key factors;

  • The fabric in which you are using polka dot design
  • On which occasion the baby is going to wear it
  • the size of polka dots

Polka dots are a classic design that has a reputation in the designing industry, having a great diversity in the field, so it comes in different types. You can choose them according to your requirements.

Polka dots are vastly used, especially in children’s and kids’ apparel, because they throw the sentiments of cheerful and fun to others.

Polka Dot Designs Come With Multiple Colors

You can use different color options and fit them according to your requirements; for instance, some of the famous combinations is,

  • Red and Black Polka Dots

Coming from the time of famous Disney character Minnie Mouse, portraying fun and cheerful character, wearing red and black polka dots were in trend and look adorable on babies.

  • Black and White Polka Dots

This color combination is a famous combination that is used all over the world. Adding this combination to polka dots makes it a more revitalizing experience. Baby girl would look adorable in this outfit designed with black and white polka dots.

  • Blue and White Polka Dots

A royal feeling comes with this combination of color with similarly spaced polka dots. It can be good for some formal parties and can be used casually.


After looking in detail at polka dot design, we concluded that it is the perfect fit and must-buy design for a baby girl.

As a fashion designer, I encourage people to use polka dot design on little girl baby clothing because it is considered cheerful for kids. It appears more attractive when carried by a cute baby girl.

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