Baby’s newest adventure, their first steps. Walking for the first time is one of the exciting and memorable milestones in your child’s development. No matter if it’s your first child or fourth, the moment they pass that learning-to-walk milestone is an enormous moment. Suddenly your home has a new toddler!

It’s natural to have questions about how to help your baby transition to walking.

During this time toddlers needs your support and coaching as well. Good  environment, comfort, care, love and affection plays most important role in the child’s development.  And as baby grows they enter in a stage  where they starts to understand and learn new things.

Playing together, being near to your child when they explore, helps  them feel safe and builds their confidence. Make your home safe as your baby starts to move around the house more, keeping the area around them clear ensures there are no accidents and create a lot of opportunities to walk and explore. Child allowed  to play on his own under supervision and encouragement develops faster. Let the child make mistakes and learn. Just see that they doesn’t get hurt. Encourage them to learn from their mistakes. Cuddle with them, make them feel safe and give them comfort.

When baby first pulls ups to stand, he/she will hold on to the furniture or other objects for balance and support near them. As baby starts cruise side-walk while holding on to these objects you can advance  this behaviour by arranging furniture and other sturdy objects next to each other.  You may even put a desired toy on the furniture just out of reach from baby to prompt the cruising.


“Experience childcare As it should be creativity”


The surrounding environment majorly foster the mind of young ones especially when they are in the stage of learning. We provide the environment in which you can celebrate your child’s each new development joyfully. Toddler toys are more than just fun, they can help your baby develop balance and strength. Where toddlers are attracted by musical and  colourful toys and good grabs , we provide such environment filled with care, love and affection where your child feels more encouraged, safe and comfortable.

It’s your second home. Come and join our family 🙂

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